The Lady of the Lake

By Vallerie Vette

I used to be,

A lady of the sea.

But the waves were just too harsh for me.

So then I came ashore.


Sadly though, the dwellers there,

Seemed cold and heartless more, I swear.

Their apathy’s found everywhere.

So I sought the sea, once more.


And yet before I crossed the beach.

A giant lake instead I reached.

Its soothing waters I dared to breach.

A new adventure to explore.


It’s there I find,

My peace of mind.

And yet the past’s not far behind.

Its mercy I still implore.


Until then I find each day I wake,

A growing calm I gladly take.

Could I be a lady of the lake,

And home forevermore?

(Source: the-vallevette-touch)