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Tonight, at the Thursday Fright Night, was a viewing of Christopher R Mihm’s “The Late Night Double Feature”.  This was a special treat, since Mr. Mihm makes his 1950s-era “drive-in cinema” movies here in Minnesota. 

After the screening, people could go up to his display table to buy some of his other movies, take pictures, get autographs, etc; but I decided to just smile and head home.  I really wanted to talk to him and tell him that I’m an actor and have also attempted to create some of my own ideas, but I just didn’t think of how I would approach such a discussion.  I’m sure he gets people bugging him for work all the time, so I let it go for now.  Maybe someday if I feel like I’m ready to fully jump back into acting, I’ll send him a headshot and resume.  For now, it was nice to watch someone else’s hard work pay off.

I love eating at diners.

Back around May 17, John and I noticed a wild female turkey walking around a field that wasn’t too far from our home.  When she saw us, she slowly walked in front of the jeep and sat down in the nearby wooded area.  Us being the curious sort, decided to investigate.  To our delight we found a nest of turkey eggs!

Since then we have been passing by and throwing out bird seed and seeing if she’s still sitting in the spot.  Yesterday, John noticed she was missing and today I decided to get in closer to check out if the nest had been attacked or if the wee ones were able to hatch.

What do you think?

Tonight starts the annual Thursday Night Fright at a nearby theater.  I’m pretty excited that I haven’t missed the start this year.  I would love to make a goal to see each one, for the rest of the summer, but I guess we’ll have to see what happens.

Welcome to Minnesota.

Welcome to Minnesota.

A random guy at the Brew Fest, wearing a pretzel necklace and Bill Fucking Murray.

A random guy at the Brew Fest, wearing a pretzel necklace and Bill Fucking Murray.

We’re having another winter storm here in Minnesota.  Whether you love or hate the cold, I still think freshly fallen snow is wonderful to gaze upon.

I’m such a sucker for sunsets, and Minnesota has some of the best I’ve ever seen. On the way to dinner tonight, the sky was filled with amazing hues of purple and orange. Unfortunately, I’m not sure my camera phone could capture all the colors I was seeing.