Happy Birthday, you.

Maybe it’s because it’s late, but I’m feeling a bit nostalgic about an old friend.  We parted ways 8 or so months ago, but today is their birthday.

It’s one of those things where I still want to be a good friend and let them know that I was thinking of them and that they were not forgotten on this special day.  At the same time, I know toward the end of days together it was pretty apparent that they didn’t really care if I stayed or left.

So I guess that brings up a question of friendship.  If one person doesn’t want you to be their friend anymore, is that suppose to completely negate the friendship?  Whether they care about me or not, still doesn’t keep me from caring for them and wishing them the best. 

But I don’t want to be a stalker or some pathetic fool who can’t let go, so I guess instead of contacting them, I’ll just say it here.

Happy Birthday


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