There is a small local bar about 3 miles away from my house.  Usually it’s pretty unremarkable except that it has bar bingo once or twice a week.  So imagine my surprise when I walk in Sunday night and see the above contraption.  Apparently The Lobster Zone is the newest craze for restaurants.  The owner of this particular bar actually owns both this and another restaurant and each of them have this game.  There are only 3 of these games in all of Minnesota, and our waitress told us that they even came to do a news report on them.

I’m not going to be all hypocritical and say that this is cruel and such, since I do eat lobster from time to time.  But I did make my husband play two games to see if we could grab a lobster and take it to our pond back home.  The rule of the game is if you catch the lobster they can either cook it for free or you can do whatever else you want with the creature.  He came SO close the second try.  The lobster was in the claw and out of the water when he started to freak out and wriggle his way back to the freedom. (the lobster, not my husband)

It’s a shame we didn’t catch him, because we would have spared his life.  But at least we now know that this game is probably hard enough that the little fellas probably have a better chance in this game than they do at a Red Lobster.

(Source: the-vallevette-touch)