Stan Lee, creator of Spider-Man, was 43 when he began drawing his legendary superheroes and his partner Jack Kirby was 44 when he created The Fantastic Four. Now Spider-Man is one of the most popular comic figures, appearing in movies, comics, cartoons, coloring books, games, toys, and collectibles.

Harlan Sanders, the Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame, was 66 when he began to promote his style of cooking and created an empire. It is worth mentioning that as a young man, he worked in a variety of jobs that had nothing to do with cooking – working first as a farmer, then as a steamboat pilot, and later as an insurance salesman.

Julia Child changed the way Americans approached food, introducing French cooking to the masses. If you have seen the movie “Julie and Julia” you know that Julia Child did not even learn to cook until she was 40, and she launched her first masterpiece cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking when she was nearly 50.

Andrea Bocelli, although he has loved music all of his life, did not start singing opera seriously until the age of 34. Some ‘experts’ told him it was too late to begin. 

Oscar Swahn proved that even in sports age does not matter as much as desire to succeed. He won a gold medal during 1912 Olympics, becoming the best shooter in the world. He was 64 years old. He went on to compete in two more Olympics, winning silver at the 1920 Olympics. At age 72, he was not only the oldest Olympian ever, but also the oldest medalist.

Anna Mary Robertson Moses(Grandma Moses) was a happy, long-time embroiderer until arthritis made it too painful and difficult. In 1935, at the age of 75, she first took up a paint brush. Her paintings were discovered in a drugstore window by a prominent collector in 1938, and a New York gallery show led to world-wide fame.

Elizabeth Jolley had her first novel published at the age of 56. In one year alone she received 39 rejection letters but finally had 15 novels and four short story collections published with great success. She has become one of Australia’s most acclaimed authors

Corazon or “Cory” Aquino, a pious, soft-spoken housewife was in her fifties when she became the leader of the popular movement that overthrew Filipino dictator Ferdinand Marcos and restored democracy to the islands. She became the first Female President of the Philippines.

Marjorie Stoneman Douglas – was a freelance writer, whopublished her short stories in popular magazines. She wrote her most influential work The Everglades: River of Grass when she was 57 years old. At the age of 78 she started her long fight to protect the Everglades, which she continued until she was 100

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This is definitely worth a reblog, especially for me to see often.  Sometimes at my age I feel like it would be pointless to try something new but look at all these amazing people.  A good reminder to stop being such a derpy dunce.